Traveling with kids? Remember these!


Only parents that have traveled with small children before will know exactly how hard it can be. Not only for you as a parent, or for the child, but for the other people on the plane as well. It is important to make sure that you know what to do when you are traveling with kids. Not only for your sake, but also for the sake of the children. You want to make sure that the trip is great for everyone.

Things to know when flying with babies

When you are flying with your baby, then you should phone ahead and make sure what items you can take on board and how much formula or baby food you are allowed to carry with you.

You might think that when it comes to flying with babies, you don’t have any limits to the baby stuff that you need to take with you. However, this isn’t completely true. Some airlines are more strict than other airlines when it comes to formulas and baby food. So, it is always better to phone ahead and to make sure that you know what you are allowed to take and what not. One time my friend got a paid vacation from and when checking in, they told him he could not take the liquid formula on the plane! It was a very frustrating ordeal for him and his family.

Making sure that you are always considering your child’s needs first

When you are traveling, long distance or short distance, you need to make sure that you are considering your child’s need first. They are getting tired a lot faster than you. Feeling hungry faster and want to drink more. This will also mean that you need to make stops more often if you are traveling by vehicle.

You should consider your child. Even, if you aren’t in the mood for stopping for food or drinks. They can’t hold as long as what you do. On the airplane, you should make sure that you have enough snacks and drinks that will keep them happy for as long as possible.

Booking at child-friendly accommodation is essential

A mistake that many parents are making. They don’t make sure that the accommodation that they are booking at is child-friendly. This can lead to problems for you and your children. There should be activities that are designed for children, and there should be a consideration for children in the rooms.

Before you are making the booking, ask if the place is child-friendly and if children are allowed there in the first place.

Traveling with children is hard. The younger they are, the harder it is. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not travel again, just because you have children now. It only means that you should make sure that you are going to plan ahead and make sure that the children are comfortable at all times. This will make the trip for you easier and more enjoyable as well.

Four Global Destinations Ideal for Fitness and Health Getaway

Physical and mental wellness plays a crucial role in helping you steer clear of several diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and stress-related insomnia. If you’re looking to build on your health and fitness, consider these four destinations. Read on.

St Vincent and the Grenadines

Located in the beautiful island of St Vincent in the Caribbean, Buccament Bay Resort offers a seven-night Luxury Boot Camp programme which is designed for tourists of all fitness levels. Under the tutelage of personal trainers, the workout itinerary includes waking up daily at 5:30 am for a speed walk at the neighboring Vermont Nature Trails or to climb the active Soufriere volcano. On-property exercise options include swimming at the Resort’s private beach and an intense tennis match. The daily workout regimen is accompanied by nutritious meals made from local and fresh produce.

Paphos, Cyprus

Get fit and healthy by playing an intense game of tennis. Located on the scenic hills of Cyprus, looking down the lively blue sea is the Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, which is part of the Aphrodite Hills Golf and Spa Resort. The tennis academy boasts of 9 professional tennis courts, with 5 being plexi-cushion hard courts while the other 4 are red clay courts. Couples, solos, families, and players of all levels can take advantage of this tennis getaway to rejuvenate while improving their tennis skills.

El Abir Beach, Spain

Snuggled on the Spanish Mediterranean beach, SHA wellness clinic prides itself in offering uniquely bespoke programmes for travelers, and focus on initiating and maintaining healthy lifestyles. This medical spa uses the concept of the macrobiotic diet which is based on consuming a simple balanced meal. It focuses on avoiding meat and consuming whole foods like vegetables, grains, and fruit. Fish is also included in the diet. Most importantly, the meals ought to be balanced and chewed bit by bit for better digestion.

Apart from the macrobiotic diet, other areas that constitute the SHA concept include natural therapies, non-invasive aesthetic as well as anti-aging medicine. After a wonderful stay at this medical hotel, guests will feel more healthful, young and with a better quality of life, hence slowing down the natural aging process and avoiding diseases.

The Longevity wellness resort, Algarve, Portugal

Portugal’s latest destination spa outshines others by being both nurturing and pioneering. If you’re staying at Longevity Resort just for relaxation, no one will push you into poolside aerobics. Yet, visitors can take advantage of a schedule of fitness, stress-management, detox, and weight-loss programmes.

You will begin with a customized programmed meant to focus on weight loss and identify areas of physical, psychological and emotional imbalances. Many people don’t understand the link between their emotional health and weight loss success. Good emotional health increases the rate at which you lose weight. Moreover, excess weight usually leads to feelings of fatigue, depression, and emotional eating habits. Resolving these imbalances can accelerate the rate of your weight loss and make the process more enjoyable.

Apart from personalized fitness activities and diet, other therapies adopted by the Longevity programme include detox ocean baths, body brushing, massages, and body sculpting.

In conclusion, you can make the most of your holiday by taking up the health and fitness programmes on offer at any of the aforementioned travel destinations.